Small Vs. Large Size Espresso Machines: What’s The Difference?


What’s the difference between small size espresso machines and regular-sized ones?

Is there a big difference or are they just different for people with smaller kitchens?

We did some research to find out.

Keep reading to learn more about the best small size espresso machines on the market today!

Small vs.

Large Size Espresso Machines

There are several size varieties of espresso machines.

Individuals who have small kitchen spaces or who are just beginning to learn how to make espresso drinks may want an espresso machine that’s on the smaller side.

This may mean getting a smaller stainless steel espresso machine which is usually for people wanting to try an alternative to their regular-sized kitchen appliances or who don’t want to take up too much room in their small kitchens.

On the other hand you can also get a large size espresso machine.

These are best for people who have plenty of space in their kitchens and/or enjoy having lots of friends over to make drinks together.

The main difference between this type of espresso machine and others is that it’s capable of making many different types of coffee drinks at once.

This means being able to produce more than just one shot at a time – instead these machines can create multiple shots all at once!

Larger models are usually intended for baristas who want to compete against other professional baristas or just host big parties with family and friends.

People who feel that a small size espresso machine is more relevant to their needs should consider the following when choosing which type of coffee drink maker is right for them:


Smaller models usually don’t cost as much as larger ones but you should remember that they also don’t make as many drinks at once or have all the add-ons and features of their bigger counterparts.


How much room do you have in your kitchens? Where will your coffee maker go? These are important questions to ask yourself if you want a smaller model.


If a stainless steel espresso machine looks a little too big for your kitchen you can always get it in black so it doesn’t stand out as much.

If you think that a large size espresso machine is the way to go there are some things you’ll need to consider before purchasing:


As with smaller models larger coffee machines also cost more than most other types of espresso makers.


With larger models you can choose different features to turn your kitchen appliance into something really special.


Since you probably won’t be moving your coffee maker very often (if ever) it may not matter so much what color it is or how big it looks in your kitchens.

However stainless steel might always be the best choice if the style is important.

It’s up to you whether or not this matters.


You should know that making espresso drinks is really easy with either size machine!

The main differences are in how many people can make drinks at one time and whether or not each espresso model has additional features like built-in grinders self-timers etc.

No matter which type of coffee maker you choose (and there are lots of different kinds to pick from!) learning how simple it is to use one – along with the fact that there’s so much room for customization – will allow you to enjoy your experience making espresso shots.

Have fun experimenting with your new espresso machine! Make sure you share any amusing stories about using it below in the comments section…other readers would love to hear them.


Is the espresso quality same with small and large espresso machines?

There’s no difference in the quality of espresso shots when it comes to making them with small vs large size espresso machines.

In fact the only differences between these two types of coffee makers have to do with how much you can make at once and what additional features each model has.