Is 15 Bar Enough For Espresso? (Yes But!)


15 bars of pressure is enough to brew a good cup of drip coffee.

Of course there are many other variables in how well a shot pulls aside from just the amount of pressure that is required for it.

Temperature grind size brewing time and volume all play a role in how well a shot turns out.

Regardless of this 15 bars is usually considered the minimum amount of pressure that should be applied in order to pull a shot.

However even at 15 bar there are many variables that can affect how good it tastes.

Temperature grind size and volume all play a role in how it will taste when pulled.

This is why most machines are equipped with boiler systems that allow for steam inside the boiler rather than water only.

This allows for better regulation of pressure throughout pulling without having to build up too much pressure in between shots being made.

Additionally shorter shots require less internal heating time after extraction before they release their true flavor into your cup.

That’s why you need at least 15 bars for espresso.

How Many Bars Of Pressure Is Good For Espresso?

15 bars of pressure is enough to pull a nice shot.

However having more than that will not make your espresso taste better.

Barring other variables such as grind size and temperature you need at least 15 bar of pressure for it to be pulled correctly.

You may hear recommendations up to 20-25 bar of pressure for pulling espresso but this is simply a matter of preference and what you think tastes best out of your machine.

Since the internal regulation system varies from machine to machine sometimes pulling shots within a wider range will produce better results depending on how much internal regulation your system allows.

Knowing these facts about 15 bar should help you decide if it’s good enough for you or not.

If you’re still not satisfied it may be time to upgrade to a quality espresso machine.