How To Descale Breville Espresso Machine?


Desperate for your morning espresso but your Breville machine is taking forever to heat up and seems to be struggling to produce a decent cup of coffee?

You may need to descale it!

Descaling is the process of removing calcium deposits from inside the machine.

This quick and easy guide will show you how to do it in just a few minutes.

Keep your Breville machine in top condition and brew perfect cups of espresso by following these simple steps.

So let’s take a look at how to descale your Breville espresso machine.

5 Steps to Easily Descale Your Breville Espresso Machine

Step 1:

Fill the water tank with water.

You can use tap water but distilled water is best if your local tap water has high mineral content.

Step 2:

Add one Breville ‘Descale Tablet’ to the tank.

There are two in a pack so you can make sure you don’t run out of this vital cleaning agent!

Step 3:

Switch on the machine and leave it for an hour while it does its work.

If you’re impatient switch it off then back on again when it’s had time to heat up properly – around 15 minutes or so should do it.

The indicator light will change color from red to orange when enough time has elapsed.

Step 4:

After an hour or when the machine has heated up switch it off and drain the tank.

This will give you a clean tank ready for using it to brew your fresh cup of espresso.

Step 5:

To get rid of any bits of powder from the tablet that has stuck to the sides tip out any water in the drip tray and run warm tap water around the inside of it.

So there you have it – your Breville should be looking good as new after just five minutes!

Enjoy your espresso!

FAQs on Descaling A Breville Espresso Machine

Can I use vinegar to descale my Breville espresso machine?

If you want to use vinegar as a descaling make sure it is white vinegar.

Distilled vinegar works the best followed by white vinegar and finally red wine or apple cider vinegar comes next.

How often do I need to descale my Breville espresso machine?

It is recommended that you descale your Breville machine every 3 months or so to ensure optimal performance.

If using hard water you may need to clean more often than this.

Can I use CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) cleaner to descale my Breville espresso machine?

Using CLR cleaner on your Breville could cause damage to the internal components of your machine rendering it useless.

Stick to the official cleaning agents that are designed for use with Brielville machines.

Can I use bottled water to descale my Breville espresso machine?

If you are trying to save money don’t bother buying distilled water for your descaling.

Bottle water works just as well.