How Much To Spend On An Espresso Machine?


That depends on your needs preferences and budget.

As with many things in life the more you spend the better quality product you get.

However if money is tight don’t worry about it!

A little ingenuity can produce amazing results even from a low-end home appliance or French press.

For example:

As a rule of thumb we recommend going something in the $150 – 200 dollar range for a solid espresso machine.

This range will get you the ability to make more than just espresso (including cappuccinos americanos and lattes); however there are many good home machines priced in the under 100 range that can make decent espresso drinks.

Therefore it depends on your budget.

As long as you use your new machine regularly (so it doesn’t gather dust like most unused kitchen appliances) and take care of it (clean after each use) any mild usage should give you years of service.

Should I Buy An Expensive Espresso Machine To Start Off?

If you choose to spend a little more now you will likely save money in the long run.

A good machine can be used for years and make thousands of quality shots without breaking down or needing major repairs.

Think about your initial investment as an investment into your enjoyment: buying the cheapest model is fun at first but over time it becomes an expensive and frustrating hobby that just takes up counter space.

We recommend investing $150-200 because we know these machines last and provide great service over time.

Bottom line? If you treat your espresso machine well (cleaning after each use) and buy one in the $150 – 200 dollar range it should serve you well for many years with delicious drinks.

How Much To Spend On Espresso Machine Accessories?

If you’re just starting out we recommend you simply skip the accessories altogether and stick with whatever comes by default with your espresso machine.

For example if your machine doesn’t come with a steaming pitcher don’t worry about it; you can always purchase one later if you feel like you really need it (and if the included one is broken).

If your espresso maker does not include a tamper you can use any similar object – even the bottom of a small kitchen funnel will do.

Bottom line? Avoid buying additional accessories until you find yourself consistently making drinks.

Remember: quality comes first so learn the machine first and you’ll know what accessory to buy and for how much.