Does A Home Espresso Machine Save Money?


Do you love espresso but hate the high price tag?

Or maybe you’re an occasional coffee drinker who would like to cut down on your spending.

In either case you may be wondering if it’s worth it to buy a home espresso machine.

The answer as with most things is complicated.

But we’re here to help make sense of it all and show you whether or not having a home espresso machine is the right decision for your wallet.

Keep reading to find out more!

Does a home espresso machine save money?

When it comes to coffee espresso is the “mad scientist” of brewing processes.

It combines pressurized water (9-bars or higher) with finely ground coffee beans in order to extract flavor.

We’ll go into more detail about this in just a moment but for now think of it like French press vs drip coffee–espresso is the more caffeinated and powerful version.

So if you want your daily caffeine fix an espresso machine would be able to provide you with the necessary jolt to get through the day without crashing later on.

But there’s also another reason why people love their cappuccinos and lattes so much: espresso machines allow you to buy whole beans from local roasters and brew them fresh at home.

So if you’re on a quest to find the perfect cup of coffee having an espresso machine would certainly help you find the ideal grind/brew ratio for your taste preferences.

If you love drip or French press but want some of that caffeinated oomph using an espresso machine at home is probably your best bet for getting what you need while saving money.

But how much money are we actually talking here?

Let’s take a look at how much average Americans spend on their daily hot beverage habits in order to get a better idea of whether or not owning an espresso machine will save (or waste) money in the long run:

The average American coffee drinker spends $1092 per year on coffee.

To calculate this number we looked at the price of an 8oz cup of drip coffee (which is what Americans drink most) and multiplied it by 365 (days in a year).

We also calculated the average amount consumed each day for a single person.

This amounted to roughly 1/3 of a cup per person which makes sense since most people will only brew enough coffee to fill their cup or mug in the morning when they first wake up.

In terms of time investment this means that your daily 2-minute coffee break would cost you around $1.92.

But since we’re focusing on espresso machines in particular let’s just take a look at how much an average shot of espresso costs:

The average American spends $2.41 on 1 shot of espresso each morning.

So I’m saving money right?

Returning to our opening question does having an espresso machine save you money?

It depends.

If you’re an avid coffee drinker looking for a caffeine fix that will also wake up your taste buds definitely consider purchasing an espresso machine.

However if you’re simply looking for another vehicle to deliver your favorite brew it may not make sense since the cost of serving coffee at home can be fairly high depending on how often you drink it.


For example while the average person spends roughly $1 for each shot of espresso at their local coffee shop each morning ($2.41) they spend about $5 on drip coffee (which is more affordable but still pricier than some other beverages).

And while there are ways to make drip coffee at home cheaper (you can buy filters the cheapest brew is from a French press etc.) it still costs way more than simply stopping by McDonald’s for a cup of McCafe.

So if you’re simply looking for a drinkable caffeine boost and aren’t too particular about what kind of bean you get consider other beverages like soda or energy drinks before spending your money on an espresso machine.

If you know that having whole beans from local roasters will enhance every day your daily routine while also saving some serious cash in the long run then go for it!

Just be careful not to fall into the trap of buying overpriced kitchenware that ends up collecting dust in your cabinet– especially if you don’t drink espresso on a daily basis.

At the end of the day I would definitely consider buying an espresso machine (if I wasn’t broke and already had awesome drip coffee at home).

I love using my French press to make cold brew coffee at home but investing in an espresso machine would certainly enhance my morning routine as well as give me more options for finding great beans from local roasters.

But living in NYC also makes this much easier because there are tons of roasters that offer free samples– so I may not even need to purchase a full bag just to test out their quality.

The moral of the story: If you’re looking for a way to money each morning without sacrificing your favorite morning beverage grab yourself an espresso machine.

(Check out these budget $100 espresso machines.)

However if you’re just looking for a caffeine boost that is similar to what you’re used to but costs less money and time sticks with your drip coffee maker at home.