Do I Need A Coffee Grinder With An Espresso Machine?


No you don’t necessarily need to buy a coffee grinder separately if you purchase an espresso machine – most machines come equipped with a grinder.

In fact if you’re looking for an affordable way to make espresso at home a machine with a built-in grinder may be the perfect option for you.

However there are some pros and cons to consider before making your decision.

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So Do I Need To Buy A Separate Grinder?

Some espresso machines come with a built-in coffee grinder that can be adjusted to create a fine or coarse grind for different types of beverages including espressos and coffees.

If you already know the kind of machine you want – such as semi-automatic or automatic – you can look for one with an integrated grinder to make life easy (and cut down on your shopping list).

You may also need to factor in things like controls and ease of use; some machines can be quite complicated!

Although most people will generally agree that it is easier to clean up after making espresso this way there are downsides: many models do not allow users to adjust the coarseness/fineness settings which can alter the taste of your final product.

You will also need to keep the grinder clean which is something you have to do whether or not you have a separate machine.

For these reasons if you are new to making espresso at home and don’t know what kind of machine you want buying one with an integrated grinder may not be the best choice.

It’s worth it to spend some time researching different kinds of machines before settling on one that fits your preferred style budget and needs – that way you’ll feel happy with your decision long-term.

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Is The Built-In Grinder Good Enough?

As mentioned above many models have built-in grinders that are non-adjustable.

This is not necessarily a deal-breaker but it may be something you want to consider before making your final choice.

For example if you are planning on using an espresso machine only for daily espressos the quality of the grinder may not matter as much.

However if you plan on making other types of coffee or different beverages at home too (such as Americano or cappuccinos) you will need to make sure the grinder can handle them all.

And don’t forget about keeping it maintained – while some models say they are dishwasher safe this is usually only true for specific parts so be sure to check before putting it in your appliance.

If you are interested in delving deeper into the world of espresso you may want to consider buying a separate grinder for coffee beans.

This can produce higher quality results but will also increase your cost.

There are many kinds of grinders available today; some options include burr grinders and blade grinders.

The price range is significant which means there is almost certainly an option that fits into your budget (although you may need to wait until after making your espresso machine purchase).

Even if you end up purchasing one with a built-in grinder this doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up on the idea of getting yourself an additional coffee grinder.

Most machines with built-in grinders are less expensive which means it can be an affordable way to make your first foray into espresso-making – and the more espresso you drink at home the more money you’ll likely save in the long run!

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