4 Things To Look For in an Espresso Machine


In recent years espresso machines have become more and more popular in the homes of coffee lovers all around the world. 

In fact it’s not uncommon to see an espresso machine in most households today.

This is because they are a great way to get your morning caffeine fix without having to go to a café.

But with so many different models on the market how do you know which one is right for you?

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for an espresso machine.


When looking for an espresso machine you should pay attention to the size of the machine and where it will be placed.

For example if you have a small kitchen countertop and limited space you don’t want to get a large and bulky model that won’t fit.

An espresso machine can take up a considerable amount of space.

So before buying make sure you know how big the unit will be to be able to fit it into your kitchen.

The same goes for countertop models that come with portafilters or steaming wands that are removable.

If you need to put the espresso machine away when it’s not in use make sure the removable parts are easy to store.

This will save you time and make it much easier to clean your machine after use.


Of course durability is very important when you are shopping for an espresso machine particularly if you plan on using it often.

It’s best to get a machine that is made from solid and sturdy materials.

Machines like this will not only last longer but they will be safer for you and your family as well.

Trying to save money by buying a cheaper model may cost more in the long run when you have to replace it more often.

When looking at the materials used in an espresso machine you should pay attention to metals like aluminum and stainless steel.

These are robust and highly durable materials that will allow your machine to last for many years.


Most home espresso machines come with a single boiler which is made from brass and chrome.

This allows you to take advantage of the thermos-flask effect heating up the water inside quickly and efficiently.

However some models will give you the option to use two boilers instead of one.

Many people think this has to do with the rate of production as well as heating capabilities.

However the second boiler is actually there so you can brew and steam at the same time.

This is very helpful if you have a lot of guests overall at once.

On top of being able to heat up fast it’s also important for your espresso machine to be able to extract the water quickly.

This ensures that fresh coffee is constantly being brewed without any excess sitting around in the reservoir.

Since everyone has their own preferences when it comes to coffee some machines come with free-standing or swivel jet frothers that give you the option of choosing between dry or wet froth.

Preparation Speed

Finally look for an espresso machine that makes the process easy and simple.

Today’s improved machines come with automatic cleaning and rinsing cycles so you don’t have to spend time worrying about manually getting your unit clean after each use.

Some machines will even come with a self-priming feature which takes the machine only 20 seconds to get ready for use.

This function also prevents damage or clogging in your unit that can occur when you don’t move water through the lines often enough.

So before making a purchase make sure you know what features are available on your desired espresso machine.

This will help you get the perfect appliance that meets all of your needs and offers a lot of great benefits as well.